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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Joe Republican: Will Giuliani & McCain Skip the Caucuses Too?

Excerpted from this post at Joe Republican
... the Straw Poll gives Iowans a reason to pick a candidate early on, and thus, gives campaigns the names, phone numbers, and addresses of thousands of supporters across the state to turn out on Caucus Night. ... There is only one reason a candidate would not participate in the Straw Poll: They fear they don't have the support to do well. ... Giuliani's support may be high nationally, but his campaign has slipped in Iowa, because of a lack of staff to identify and cultivate relationships with supporters. ... Senator McCain's pullout is simple. His polling has been steady in Iowa, but he was probably having trouble identifying Straw Poll supporters to the tune that he could get beat by a "so called" second tier candidate. This would be disastrous for his campaign, and thus he took the first easy out from the Straw Poll he could find, following Rudy. The trouble is that McCain has one of the top staff's in Iowa, if not the nation. ... If they can't garner enough support for a strong showing at the Straw Poll, there's no logic that says they'd be able to magically find that support for the Caucus. ... Moreover, this is troubling for the Republican Party of Iowa. This is their biggest fundraiser, without which, they will have a hard time funding the efforts it will take to succeed in 2008.

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