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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Joe Republican: McCain campaign on the brink of collapse?

Excerpted from this post at Joe Republican

Many Iowa conservatives have viewed the course of events in Iowa over
the last few weeks and questioned what impact Giuliani and McCain's
withdrawal from the Iowa Straw Poll will have on their respective
campaigns. I gave my predictions that McCain will cut staff and
Giuliani will simply have a skeleton staff in the state. In speaking
with a source close to the McCain campaign, I was recently told,
"Things are not looking good." With fundraising disclosures coming out
soon, my guess is McCain will report a number similar to last quarter,
about $12.5 million. This is not good news considering last quarter
was called "A weak performance". As a co-sponsor of the unpopular
Immigration Bill in the Senate, McCain has driven yet another wedge
between himself and Iowa conservatives. My source said, "While he's
not out yet, it's going to be extremely tough." The sole reason
McCain's campaign is struggling is not simply because he dropped out
of the Straw Poll, but it definitely hasn't helped.


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