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Thursday, June 28, 2007

iPol: Some Tiers Must Fall

Excerpted from this post at iPol

I've been watching, with interest, the fanfare greeting the news that
New Mexico Governor and Presidential candidate Bill Richardson has
gotten a bump in the polls of late. This started a couple of weeks ago
with the release of a CNN-WMUR TV poll that showed Bill Richardson had
climbed to 10% in New Hampshire, and in so doing moved even with John
Edwards there. Governor Richardson's numbers began to rise after a
widely-praised ad campaign built around a "Presidential job interview"
theme. Then, earlier this week, Richardson's campaign announced that
its own internal polling now shows their candidate at 13% in Iowa,
which, if you disregard the 4.4% margin of error, would put him ahead
of Barack Obama here. Finally today, announced that it
has added Richardson to its "Top Democrats" ranking, based on its
findings that Richardson alone among the candidates is experiencing a
substantial upturn in his numbers in both Iowa and New Hampshire.
Richardson's campaign, of course, has eagerly seized on these
developments, today alone sending out not one, but two emails drawing
attention to their candidate's numbers and going so far as to proclaim
"Richardson Officially Breaks into Top Tier."


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