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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Iowa Voice: [Fred] Thompson May Participate In Straw Poll

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voice
If Thompson does get in on this, then it gives the results some legitimacy, no matter who ends up winning. With McCain and Giuliani backing out (for reasons I talked about here), it made the poll worthless to the winner (which was clearly going to be Romney). McCain and Giuliani knew, in my opinion, that they had no chance to win this thing, so they decided to skip it and take their lumps for it. But those lumps are minor when you compare what they took away from Romney, and that's the ability to crow about his win. He can't go out now and say "I won the straw poll!" because they'll just say "Well, duh! Of COURSE you won, we weren't in it!" McCain and Giuliani have, for all intents and purposes, abandoned Iowa voters. They haven't really established a presence here in the state and they've barely set foot on Iowa soil. ... On a side note, one thing that's surprising me is that I haven't heard much, if anything, from the media or the other campaigns about McCain's flip-flop. Remember, he said in early May that he was going to participate in the straw poll…and now he's not. He used Giuliani's decision as the cover, but it's clear he was wanting out from the get-go. If he wants to win Iowa, he's going about it the wrong way.

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