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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cyclone Conservatives: Political & Presidential Pastiche

Excerpted from this post at Cyclone Conservatives
... Republican Party of Iowa's Strange Communication Behavior: I received another release yesterday from RPI commending Senator Sam Brownback for his committment to the August 11 Ames Straw Poll. While I also commend the Senator and his campaign for committing to this fine event, I am wondering why RPI doesn't add other candidates to that statement or send out other statements commending the other candidates who are committing. Where's the kudos to such campaigns, for example, of Tom Tancredo and Mitt Romney who recently made strong statements backing the August 11 event? Sure there are some that are still 'on the fence' about the event but why not thank all instead of just one? At the same time, last week, they sent out a scathing release decrying the campaign of Rudy Giuliani for skipping the event. Where was a similar statement decrying the McCain and Gilmore campaigns for bailing on the event? I think when the State Party starts signaling out candidates in a PRIMARY, it is very dangerous. Don't we have more important things to be doing like telling the truth about the opposition? And no, Rudy Giuliani is not the opposition. I would say do all or don't do it at all.

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