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Friday, June 29, 2007

Cyclone Conservatives: Newt Gingrich's "American Solutions" Sioux City Event

Excerpted from this post at Cyclone Conservatives

This morning I arose especially early and trucked it over to Sioux City to Fiona's Firehouse Bistro to attend Newt Gingrich's American Solutions event at 8 AM. The event started at 8 and was slated to last until about 9:30 but I stayed until about a few minutes before 9 because I had work responsibilities to tend to. I had never been to this bistro, but it is actually an old garage/shop and it is very nice inside. I was very impressed. They served up a nice breakfast to a crowd of about 50 or so and there was a pretty substantial press pool in attendance too. Newt's organization, "American Solutions", has a professional cameraman traveling with them that just takes pictures of the former Speaker and guests. They are uploading all the pictures to a Flickr home page where all the pictures can be found. I had a picture taken but they don't have today's pictures up there yet. I will add my picture to this blog posting after it is posted. I spotted some representatives from a few campaigns and also Chairman Ray Hoffman was also in attendance.


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