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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cyclone Conservatives: Brand New Strategic Vision Iowa Poll

Excerpted from this post at Cyclone Conservatives

The Republican oriented Strategic Vision polling firm has let loose
its new results this evening of a brand new poll of Iowans. The
results here are pretty interesting but nothing really terribly
shocking. They surveyed 600 likely caucus attendees of both parties
and there is a margin of error of (+/-4). Strategic Vision, while
conservative leaning, has a tendency to be a pretty well respected
polling outfit. Let's get to the numbers. In the parentheses will be
the Strategic Vision numbers from the last time they conducted the
poll (in May) so you'll be able to see who is moving up, who is
falling down, and who is basically stagnate… Let's start with the
Republicans. Mitt Romney and his campaign have to be pleased because
this is just another poll which has him leading. This is now several
in a row and now he is cemented as the front runner here in Iowa. He
has moved up several points in this poll from the Strategic Vision
poll in May. Though, there is Fred Thompson, not actually in the race,
who is inching closer to him. Fred Thompson is the big gainer in this
poll having shot up an impressive 7 points. Media reports suggest he
is planning a major announcement for next week in Nashville and so
that is likely to put a whole new angle on this entire race.


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