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Friday, June 01, 2007

Back Roads to the White House: 'Enforce the law,' he says

Excerpted from this post at Back Roads to the White House

"I must admit to you that the solution I bring to you, I know, is very controversial, it's very scary when I say it. People cringe - oh my goodness, he can't really mean this. This can't really be the answer, but I assure you it is. Summed up in three words: enforce the law." Rep. Tom Tancredo made that statement at the Iowa Republican Party's Abraham Lincoln Unity Dinner in Des Moines in April. He uses the line everywhere he goes while campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination. So what is he talking about enforcing? Apparently not mandatory seatbelt laws. Check out this video of a rolling interview that's posted on Tancredo's presidential campaign web site. He's driving and talking at the same time. See if you can tell us which portion of the tape shows evidence that Tancredo is wearing a seat belt. We couldn't find one, so we called Tancredo's people.


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