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Friday, May 18, 2007

A Year in Iowa: Biden's give (mostly)-and-take

Excerpted from this post at A Year in Iowa

Joe Biden came to see us this morning. By us, I mean the Cedar Rapids Gazette. He spent an hour and 10 minutes giving very long answers to very short questions from the editor, the vice president/general manager, the political writer, and the newsside columnist, who also has a role in the paper's editorial department. Oh, and there was me, the dilettante. "My only shot is you guys grilling me and making conclusions if I should be hanging around," Biden said, "because it sure won't be the money." Meaning, the Democrat U.S. Senator from Delaware who is running for president isn't playing in the Clinton-Obama league when it comes to fundraising. So he, like most of the presidential candidates seeking to attract as much possible attention in Iowa, Biden pays visits to local television and newspaper people in Iowa when the opportunities arise. The most obvious benefit: He'll get a story and a photograph in tomorrow's Gazette, and the same on and its site. In turn, the newspaper can say it hosted Biden, asked him direct questions on the public's behalf, looked him in the eye.


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