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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

State 29: Iowa To Finally Get 1995-Era Campaign Disclosure By 2012

Excerpted from this post at State 29
... From the Iowa Senate Democrats web page: "HF 413 changes campaign finance law to begin the process of requiring campaign committees to file reports electronically and to assist the agency in dealing with the large numbers of reports which are faxed or brought in on the deadline day. The electronic filing requirements of the bill apply only to legislative and statewide candidates. All newly-formed committees must file electronically by 2010. Existing committees are required to file electronically by 2012." ... That's pathetic. Shameful, really. What a joke. 5 more years before existing committees are required to file electronically? 3 more years before new campaigns are required to file electronically? ... The Iowa Legislature could have mandated electronic filing and disclosure over 10 years ago. A database users could search via the web could have easily been in place by the late 1990s. Yet in Iowa it'll be 2012 before everybody is on board and the scanned PDFs are a thing of the past.


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