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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Politically Speaking: No gas conservation, King says

Excerpted from this post at Politically Speaking

While spiraling gas prices have created an outcry, the proper place for the frustration isn't clear. Siouxlanders have seen the price of unleaded climb from $2.00 in early February to $3.20 per gallon today, and some say they'll cut back on driving. To date, that's apparently not discernibly happening nationally. And it shouldn't, according to Northwest Iowa Congressman Steve King, which puts him at odds with President Bush, who earlier this week called for conservation. As the gas price spikes in recent years have occurred, Republican King has held firm in his conviction that it's a form of surrender to conserve. I've been wondering since Friday, when prices went over $3.00 in Sioux City, when we'd hear from King on the recent spike, and it came today with an op-ed piece. King says America is "held hostage to high gas prices by the environmental lobby that prevents us from producing more of our own energy," and for cutting off domestic drilling of known oil supplies. King said "we need more oil and natural gas production, right here within our borders from our own vast reserves."


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