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Monday, May 21, 2007

Iowa True Blue: Tom, Dashing

Excerpted from this post at Iowa True Blue
Daschle began by saying America's prestige around the world is very low ... He noted our foreign policy is at a real crossroads -- we have unmatched power, but at a time of unprecedented interdependence. This creates huge challenges, which Daschle believes must be met in five ways: (1) Power of Example -- the U.S. must be the beacon of hope and democracy for the world (2) Regain the World's Trust -- The U.S. "doesn't always have to be loved, but should always be trusted." (3) Embracing Alliances -- recognizing the importance of allies. "After all, we need to isolate the extremists, not ourselves." (4) Confronting Shared Threats -- after the Iraq disaster, we must improve our intelligence capabilities, among other things. (5) Flexibility over Ideology ... The most dramatic moment of the talk, by far, came when Daschle addressed whether the war in Iraq was the "right or wrong call. Let me say emphatically and clearly -- it was the wrong call." As such, Daschle called for immediate redeployment. This would include sending some troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, to protect the fledgling democracy there and "finish the job." But by early 2008, Daschle was adamant, the U.S. should have just a residual force in Iraq.


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