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Friday, May 04, 2007

Essential Estrogen: The Republican Debate

Excerpted from this post at Essential Estrogen

Although I watched the GOP debates tonight, there was only one moment on which I care to comment: Did Sen. John McCain really hesitate when asked if he believed in evolution? And, after the slight waffling, did he then interrupt the conversation to "qualify" his answer? Bah. That just makes my head hurt. So, in lieu of hearing from me on this event, I'm putting together some links which readers might find interesting: Anti-War Blog live-blogged the proceedings. Goofyblog dubs it a Republican smooch fest. Confederate Yankee covers it all in 10 words. Alphecca thought it was all about Chris Matthews. New Pairodimes also gets a bit stuck on Chris Matthews (strange because I've never found him to be much to write home about). Point Five Blog pretty much sums up some of my feelings... but I'd take it one step further: "When the dead guy is all you got, you roll out the coffin." Axis of Right has a thoughtful write up.


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