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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Essential Estrogen: Live Blog: Sen. Edwards Conference Call

Excerpted from this post at Essential Estrogen
... Heading into questions. ... Kay Henderson -- Do you admit to having an advantage in this debate because you do not have to cast a vote in the Senate while your colleague do? Senator -- No. I'm a candidate for the President of the U.S. and I'll be held responsible for every stance I take. Our we doing everything in our power to bring this conflict to an end. ... Mary Ray from Dubuque Telegraph Herald -- Republican candidates coming through Iowa have said the November election was not about war... how can you or other Dems specifically point to something which says those elections were about the war. Senator -- This isn't a guess... I was campaigning and heard it. People are very frustrated with a bull-headed president who refused to change course. It wasn't just Iraq, but it was a significant part of it. Also wanted bold changes in other areas -- healthcare, Katrina, globla warming -- but Iraq was at the top of the list.


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