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Monday, May 07, 2007

Bleeding Heartland: News Flash: Candidates repeat jokes on the campaign trail

Excerpted from this post at Bleeding Heartland
Radio Iowa notes that Dodd keeps telling the same joke at every campaign stop about being the only guy in the race who gets mailings from both the AARP and diaper services. After seeing Dodd speak before a group of young Democrats, Radio Iowa had a chance to ask a question: "... I'm wondering how a guy tells a joke like that, obviously exhibiting that he has the coin for a diaper service, and how he squares that with his discussion of how the middle class is being pinched. ..." ... I must have heard Chet Culver's joke about his daughter and the letter-carriers' endorsement half a dozen times last year. ... John Edwards has talked about being the son of a mill worker so many times that he added a joke to his stump speech about how the audience may have heard once that he is the son of a mill worker. Now, if Radio Iowa's complaint is that people in Iowa don't use diaper services and can't relate to the joke, that's partly true, at least concerning young voters. As a mom of two kids in cloth diapers, I can confirm that there are no cloth diaper laundry services in Iowa ... If Radio Iowa's complaint is that someone who can afford a diaper service may seem out of touch with middle-class concerns, I disagree. People who remember the days of diaper services could tell you that they were affordable for middle-class families.


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