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Monday, April 30, 2007

Popular Progressive: Legislative Session Ends - How Did It Go?

Excerpted from this post at Popular Progressive
... here is my report card on these fine women and men who earn between $50,180 and $65,180 a year to serve us.
+++ Anti-gouging legislation around payday and car title loans. ... Grade: A + ...
+++ The anti-discrimination bill and anti-bullying bill are great legislation and the legislature should be commended for putting aside partisanship to address inequities in our state. ... Grade: A ...
+ Increasing the state minimum wage is half a victory because future increases are not tied to cost of living factors--translated this could mean another 10 years before the minimum wage increases. ... Grade: B
= - Some in the progressive community may disagree with me on this point, but the $100 million fund to "grow our bio-economy, create new jobs and help make Iowa the renewable energy capital of the world" may be a boondoogle, particularly if it ends up mainly supporting the likes of ADM, Mid-American and Alliant Energy. ... Grade: C

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