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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Politically Speaking: No NASCAR Dads, Security Moms?

Excerpted from this post at Politically Speaking

First there were the Soccer Moms sought by candidates for political office. Then, in 2004, there were the Security Moms and NASCAR Dads blocs to be turned into voters. Or were there? The Social Science Quarterly has published a study by two political science professors that claims the Soccer Moms and NASCAR Dads blocs don't actually exist. According to the study done by Steven Greene of North Carolina University and Laurel Elder of Hartwick College in New York, mothers are more concerned about social welfare than national security, and fathers as a group don't vote any differently than men without children. The professors said "the hype" about the two groups was wrong: "The NASCAR Dad stories implied that fathers were a conservative bunch, and that Democrats needed to move to the right side of political issues to have a shot at winning their votes. Security Mom stories implied that post-9/11, mothers had become more supportive of President Bush because of his stance on national security." Information on the SSQ study can be found at

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