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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Iowa Voice: Iowa GOP Lincoln Dinner

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voice
... I'd have to say that Romney was the clear winner at this event. He had a strong message, a great speech, and he delivered it like a pro. John McCain showed himself to be a one-issue candidate, in my opinion. Yes, Iraq is important, but by the time we hold elections in 2008, Iraq very well may be off the table. What will he campaign on then? Rudy…well, as I said, this wasn't a great speech, and it wasn't delivered all that well. Just seemed like he was taking a "yeah, I'll serve if you elect me, but I could really care less" approach. We don't need a person running whose sole ambition in life is to be President, of course, but we do want someone running who clearly wants the job…and Rudy just seemed (at this event, anyway) like a man just going through the motions because people expect him to.

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