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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Iowa Voice: The Edwards Tax Plan

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voice
He wants the IRS to compile all of the information on you and just send you a refund check or a bill come tax time ... he complains that people don't know how to do their taxes, yet he's going to send them their tax bill/refund and count on them to know whether it's accurate or not? They're going to just assume (there's that word again) that the IRS wouldn't possibly screw them over and sign it and send it back. Which is what the left wants people to do, really. Just shut up and pay what they tell you to pay. ... The current system, as even a lefty at Ezra Klein points out, is designed to make paying taxes an afterthought. You don't see or feel the income being literally picked from your pocket, because you never had it in your hands in the first place. Oh, you see the deductions on your paystub, but that's about it. You never feel the impact of having a chunk of your money being taken from you. Which is a major reason why tax cuts do so much to pump up an economy. All of a sudden, people think they're making more, so they spend it. They're not making any more than they were, they're just keeping more of it in their pocket, rather than send it off to the tax man.

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