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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

InMuscatine: Conservatives, Ignore McCain's Flaws

Excerpted from this post at InMuscatine
Conservatives, don't ignore McCain - Los Angeles Times: "...By any measure, Rudy Giuliani is the more liberal candidate — indeed, the most liberal serious candidate Republicans have fielded in decades. But because Giuliani made the right enemies — chief among them those vexatious New York Times editors — conservatives respect him, even though they disagree with him on almost everything. And they give the cold shoulder to McCain, who agrees with them on most of the important things." Like what ?! Yes, McCain has been pro-life from way back when, but that's it. The man never met a tax cut he liked, so he's out on economic issues unlike Giuliani. McCain mocked and showed his obvious hatred for "evangelicals" (read : Christians) unlike Giuliani. Unlike Giuliani, McCain does possess the sixth most Liberal voting record in the Senate. Guiliani didn't give us McCain-Feingold

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