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Thursday, April 19, 2007

From Right 2 Left: Carter Roundup

Excerpted from this post at From Right 2 Left
Jimmy Carter's performance was generally pretty weak this evening. Here are a few comments: Ignores Terrorism: Carter blatantly ignored the serious and ongoing problem of terrorism and threat from foreign forces. ... Misrepresents History: Carter misrepresents even the Camp David Accords he signed. He pretends that Israel never lived up to its obligations in the accords to the Palestinians. In fact, these "obligations" existed solely in the initial framework document, not in the final treaty. ... Is Not Interested In Dialogue: Carter spoke about improving dialogue and debate on the Israeli Palestine conflict, yet did nothing to create such dialogue. ... One last observation about the crowd. Many white American left-liberals apparently have little regard for debate. I was handing out pamphlets before the speech and at the book signing. The pamphlets were absolutely critical of Carter's book though in no way defamatory. Nonetheless, some people would tear it up and give it back to me, refuse and shout at me that Carter was not anti-Jewish (something that I have not asserted and was not asserted in the pamphlet), and give other rude responses.


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