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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Political Fallout: "The Blue Scare": Edwards Names Names

Excerpted from this post at Political Fallout
The ripple effect of "The Blue Scare" has begun in Iowa, and the presidential hopefuls are naming names. First Vilsack named names, and now that's he's dropped out of the race, John Edwards is naming the names of those previously named by Vilsack. Naming names is catching on and the Blue Menace is lurking behind every political corner in Iowa (or five if you buy into Jim Nussle's conspiratorial fifth corner theory), waiting to pounce upon unsuspecting Democrat caucus goers. ... before you sign anything and commit your support to a presidential candidate, keep in mind that you may be "outed" in the future if your candidate decides to name names. Although, should you waver on your support and/or cross over to the dark side, you may be subpoenaed by the Iowa Democratic Party on Un-Democratic Activities:

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