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Monday, March 19, 2007

NewsConference: A slow news day? Perhaps

Excerpted from this post at NewsConference
In her Marketplace report, Ramy Inocencio interviewed some experts and offered these conclusions: "When releasing good news, Mondays are often better than Fridays. ..." ... OK, that's the situation with national newsmakers. What about the tri-state area? Dubuque is not a media-saturated market. There is no TV newscast originating from Dubuque. The Cumulus radio stations in Dubuque have abandoned local news. (Radio Dubuque maintains a slimmed-down local news staff.) ... After more than three decades working for daily newspapers, I have observed that there is a flow to news events. It tends to build through the weekdays, then slows on weekends, when there are more scheduled events, such as festivals, than major announcements. Does that mean that a "good news" announcement is a lock for the TH's front page? Does that mean that "bad news" announced on Friday and reported on Saturday will have less impact? As stockbrokers often stipulate, "past performance is no guarantee of future results." However, as the professionals in the Marketplace report observed, newsmakers hoping to manage their visibility might consider all that.

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