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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jack Hatch: Defending the Tobacco Tax

Excerpted from this post at Jack Hatch's Blog
Despite the doubt and criticism we've all heard about the proposed sales tax on tobacco products, the fact remains that an increase will improve the health of Iowans. Underneath all the political jargon and maneuvering, the one thing to remember is that this is about making Iowa a healthier state and a better place to live. ... Some people will say it's not about getting people to quit smoking and it's not about making Iowa a healthier state. We've all heard the argument that this tax is simply a revenue booster that will be used to balance our budget. This is not the case, and in fact the revenue will be going to a Health Care Trust Fund which will ensure that the money raised by this tax will be used for health care, substance abuse treatment and prevention, and tobacco use prevention and cessation. Again, this tax is about the health of Iowans.


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