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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Iowans for Romney: Look for this story from the Washington Post: "Mormon Iowans: A Force for Romney"

Excerpted from this post at Iowans for Romney
Alec MacGillis, a journalist for the Washington Post has been contacting several Iowans who support Romney. In his intitial contact to me he stated he was "trying to gauge the level and nature of support for Mitt Romney around the country, particularly in early primary and caucus states." As we spoke on the phone, his questions quickly moved to how the LDS community here is responding to Romney and to what level we are "organizing" for Romney. ... I told him how apolitical our church is and how I've never even seen a "voting guide" anywhere near our churches. I re-affirmed the church's stance/policy about not endorsing candidates, parties, or platforms and that all LDS know that neither the pulpit nor church membership lists (with contact info) are not to be used for political purposes etc


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