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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Iowa Progress: A (Partial) Defense of the Iowa Caucuses

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Progress
... I should say that before I moved to Iowa for college four years ago, I shared the opinion that the importance of the caucuses is unjustifiable, and that a national primary would be more democratic. Then I experienced the caucuses (in 2004), and I changed my mind. ... The caucus system (according to our own Geraldine) "favors the old over the young, the rural over the urban, Western Iowa over Eastern Iowa." Why is this wrong? Well, while the caucus system seems to create inequalities on the surface, it can compensate for deeper inequalities. ... here's a question nobody has asked: what is the harm in giving Iowa's downtrodden rural hamlets and agricultural areas a little attention from the rest of the country every four years? ... At the end of the day, Keokuk and Grundy still represent a tiny fraction of the total delegates needed to win, and putting on events and doing GOTV work is easier and far more efficient in urban areas like Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.


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