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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Iowa Progress: Candidates Take Varying Approaches to Hiring Staff in Iowa

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Progress
After the Edwards campaign released its list of "senior Iowa staff" the other day, I thought it might be prudent to discuss how each campaign's staff is shaping up. Their differing approaches are interesting, at least, and they could make a difference by the time the caucuses come around next January. First up, the Obama campaign has been doing quite a bit of hiring over the last month. ... Some have compared Obama's staff to Howard Dean's from four years ago, because it seems to include an unusual number of ideologically motivated young people, many of whom have never worked a caucus before. ... Next, the Edwards campaign has staffed all or most of its key positions as well, and has begun hiring field organizers. In contrast to Obama's staff, most of Edwards's staff so far have Iowa political experience ... And finally, Hillary Clinton's campaign has been a bit slower to announce their hiring decisions here, but those whom they have hired have impressive resumes.

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