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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

From Right 2 Left: Xenophobia is not cool

Excerpted from this post at From Right 2 Left
Tom Tancredo's visit to Iowa over the weekend has awakened me to the fact that Americans need to face some history. Between comments to articles and some stuff in the blogosphere, American defense of "our culture" takes some disturbing tones. ... The US annexed Texas and disputed territories, with full knowledge that it was still claimed by Mexico. Further, we failed to obtain the rest of the southwest by purchase. Because of these facts, we went to war. In that war, US claims to Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California were fully realized. Our war not only deprived Mexico of its rightful territory, but also led to decades of continuing slavery for blacks in those areas ... The US is the great country that it is today in spite of these facts, but these facts should humble us in considering our responsibilities to our less fortunate neighbors to the south.

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