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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

At the Statehouse: Fading Away

Excerpted from this post at At the Statehouse
Hopes for action on some big issues are fading with roughly a month left in the 2007 legislative session. ... Here are a few issues hanging by a thread as the session winds down. TAX REFORM – There was a lot of talk on the campaign trail about fixing Iowa's property tax system, but almost no talk under the golden dome this year. ... ROAD FUNDING – As gas prices inched higher in recent weeks, the chances that lawmakers will raise the state gas tax to fund road improvements faded. Democrats who just voted to increase the cigarette tax are wary of voting for another tax hike. ... FAIR SHARE – Democrats insist pro-union "fair share" legislation is alive, but all signs point to a slow fade. The controversial bill would give unions the power to charge a service fee to non-union workers.

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