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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Radio Iowa Blog: Doing what Dennis said to do

Excerpted from this post at Radio Iowa Blog
I checked back with Ed Fallon, the 2004 Democratic gubernatorial candidate who garnered 26 percent support in the primary, just a few moments ago to make sure I had it right. Yes, he did support Dennis Kucinich for president in 2004. "I'm doing what Dennis told me to do: 'If I'm not viable, support Edwards,'" Fallon joked. As some of you may recall, the Ohio Congressman and the former North Carolina Senator struck a deal right before the 2004 Iowa Caucuses. If, after the first test of "delegate strength" at a precinct caucus, Kucinich supporters discovered their candidate was deemed "not viable" at their precinct and they were required to throw their support to another candidate in a second round of "voting," then Kucinch told his supporters to back Edwards.

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