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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Politically Speaking: Wieck, Whitead have CIETC duties

Excerpted from this post at Politically Speaking
Now that federal indictments on the CIETC salary scandal have come down, I'm reminded that two Sioux City legislators had a hand in the Iowa Legislature look into the situation. Beginning last year after the story broke, State Sen. Ron Wieck and Rep. Wes Whitead were named to a legislative oversight committee investigating employment consortium CIETC. They held many hearings to see if state money was improperly used. There is another local connection to the investigation. Republicans and Democrats in both the Iowa House and Senate retained counsel for the investigation, and Sioux City attorney Tim Bottaro was hired by Iowa House Democrats to be legal counsel for the CIETC hearings. Having spent a lot of midyear 2006 in Des Moines, Bottaro said today he produced thousands of documents in his research and advised that now that the federal indictments are out, more of the documents that the federal government was holding will likely be available to the state players.

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