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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Iowa True Blue: New Years Resolutions

Excerpted from this post at Iowa True Blue
... Not as bad as smoking, but still a nasty habit, is wasting your time reading Ridiculous Blogs. But, you may ask, how can I possibly tell whether a blog is a Ridiculous Blog on what President Bush calls the Internets. Here's a simple rule of thumb. If the political blog you are reading, and you can do a quick search on this, ever said that either Jeff Lamberti or Mike Whalen would win their congressional races, you are reading a Really Ridiculous Blog. Such predictions were just plain stupid. There's really no kinder way to put it. ... In 2007, resolve to stop reading Ridiculous Blogs. Spend your time more productively. Plant trees, go for long walks with friends, take up chess. Just don't smoke or read Ridiculous Blogs.

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