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Monday, January 08, 2007

Iowa True Blue: Can't Watch Ohio State v. Florida? Thank The Good Friends of Republican Tom Latham!

Excerpted from this post at Iowa True Blue
Can't watch the national championship game? Or "24"? Or "American Idol"," "CSI," or "Survivor"? You can thank the good friends of Iowa's own Republican Congressman Tom Latham. Gee, thanks, Latham! Due to a nasty dispute between Sinclair Broadcasting and Mediacom, KDSM (Fox network affiliate) and KGAN (CBS network affiliate) are off the air. Off air completely, affecting more than a quarter million Iowans. ... Sinclair Broadcasting is owned and run by four brothers named Smith (their daddy started it all). The Smith brothers are well known right wing fanatics. ... the Smith brothers have given literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republican National Committee (RNC). And the RNC has shared this largesse -- lots of it -- with Republican Tom Latham.

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