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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Iowa Progress: Who Has The Power In The Iowa Caucuses?

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Progress
The Iowa Caucuses aren't democratic. In fact, they are so undemocratic, they make the Electoral College seem like a triumph for those who believe in "one man, one vote." Caucusgoers aren't voting for Obama, or Hillary or John Edwards. They vote for delegates to a county convention who then go on to vote for delegates to the State Convention who then go on to vote for delegates to the National Convention. ... There are 3000 delegates at the State Convention and each county gets an appropriate share and the results for the caucuses are computed by factoring approximately what percent of the delegates a candidate will get at the State Convention. (Here are the 2004 results for an example) So what has changed since 2004? Well of the big five counties in Iowa (Polk, Linn, Scott, Black Hawk and Johnson), all but Polk have gained delegates. ... Statewide totals (which are rough because they haven't been rounded) for 2008 are below the fold and the totals for 2004 can be found here.

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