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Thursday, January 11, 2007

InMuscatine: Union Busting in Iowa

Excerpted from this post at InMuscatine
So I get this letter from Chris Rants. He wants to inform me that Iowa's Right to Work Law is in EXTREME danger. ... He wants me to support an organization called Iowans for Right to Work Committee. ... Off to the internet we go, where the first interesting tidbit we find about the IRWC is they are based in … TA-DA! Indiana. Specifically - 6145 Crawfordsville Road #231; Speedway, IN 46224-3730 ... In 2005 they took in $129,991 in the form of "dues" from members. And for some reason they used a tax preparer from Venice, FL to do their taxes. I have to question why a company purporting to represent Iowans, that can't seem to find any office space in Iowa, thinks they can't find a competent tax person in Iowa to handle a paltry $129K and change. ... I think we have enough evidence to show Iowans for Right to Work Committee is an anti-union/pro-business lobbying group. I do think they should at least be based in Iowa, but I think if they want to lobby the Iowa Legislature they can do it without my money.

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