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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hotline On Call: Insider Interview: Nick Ryan

Excerpted from this post at Hotline On Call
What's happening to GOPers in IA? Why is the state so politically quixotic? Does the Ames straw poll really matter? Before he gets nabbed by an '08 GOP (and he's being recruited by several), The Hotline interviewed Nick Ryan, campaign mgr. for Jim Nussle's IA GOV bid. HOTLINE: How much danger is there that the Iowa GOP is becoming a regional party within the state? Nick Ryan: The dominant party in Iowa is no party -- and it grows every passing year. Republicans historically always perform well in Western Iowa, and there is no doubt that as a party we are suffering in our performance in Eastern Iowa. Looking at central and eastern Iowa -- I think Republicans can be encouraged that the right candidates CAN win there. Absent the 2006 wave, both congressional seats in eastern Iowa were held by Republicans -- by two very good, effective congressmen (Nussle and Leach). At every level -- be it federal, state or local - by recruiting good candidates we can win. Remember, the dominant party in Eastern Iowa is no party - not Republican or Democrat.

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