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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Political Fallout: Newt Gingrich Threatens He'll Run for President If ...

Excerpted from this post at Political Fallout
...the GOP frontrunners don't get their heads out of their a**es. On Sunday, Newt Gingrich indicated he'll give the leading Republican presidential candidates (McCain, Giuliani, Romney) a head start to see if they can lock up the Republican nomination by next fall. If neither one of these candidates can clearly pull his head out of his ass, Gingrich will be left with no other choice but to step in with his Hubris and usurp the nomination. "If none of the three, having from now 'til Labor Day, can seal it off, the first real vote is in 2008. And there's plenty of time in the age of television and e-mail, between Labor Day and 2008." In the meantime, Newt has agreed to put his Hubris aside and has pledged to support his Republican brethren. Gingrich's staff said Newt's Hubris will be stored in an undisclosed hangar.

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