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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Open Country: Fire Michael Gartner and Theresa Wahlert

Excerpted from this post at Open Country
Even if the Board of Regents chooses a new president of the University of Iowa within the week, the Board of Regents' leaders, Michael Gartner and Theresa Wahlert, must go. Diane Heldt, reporter for The Gazette, talked to university faculty leaders who no longer have faith that the regents can work out a functional relationship with university faculty and staff according to a December 5, 2006 story (not available on line, unfortunately). ... Michael Gartner is a top-down manager, an irritable and irascible man, a control freak much like Donald Rumsfeld, recently fired from his position of Secretary of Defense. How do I know this? I remember talented, beloved columnist Donald Kaul's constant, well-publicized fights with Michael Gartner at the Des Moines Register, which finally ended in Kaul walking away from the Register, which broke my heart and many other people's. I remember what happened to Gartner at NBC, where he was fired for being disruptive, argumentative, and destructive. He affects people in the same way at each organization that he heads. He's a bull in a china shop, and no good ever comes from it.

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