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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Statehouse Snippets: The Morning After

Excerpted from this post at Statehouse Snippets
Wondering just how Chet Culver won Iowa's governor's race so easily? Here are a few factors to chew on. CONGRESS WOES -- It wasn't a good year for Iowa Republicans to top their ticket with a Republican member of Congress. And the GOP may think twice about doing it again after U.S. Rep. Jim Nussle's defeat Tuesday and former U.S. Rep Jim Ross Lightfoot's defeat in 1998. ... TURNOUT -- Nussle's forces hoped to duplicate President Bush's 2004 Iowa triumph by turning out core Republican voters, especially in Northwest Iowa. But Republicans couldn't repeat history and Nussle's winning margins in the west paled in comparison to Bush's. Meanwhile Culver scored huge wins in urban areas. ... TV ADS -- A Culver TV ad featuring his wife, Mari, who called him her "big lug," and another featuring the Democratic nominee and his running mate Patty Judge hamming it up in raincoats, stood out in a sea of menacing, gloomy attack ads.

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