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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

State 29: Jim Ross Republican

Excerpted from this post at State 29
... I'm not surprised that Republican Jim Nussle lost the Iowa goobernatorial race. He's been in DC forever, he divorced his wife and then married a lobbyist which showed him to be a big "family values" hypocrite, he was in the charge of the House Deficit Committee, and the guy couldn't be bothered to vote against a single Porkbusters earmark. Did Kentucky really need a million tacked on the Federal deficit for tourism? Well, Jim Ross Nussle voted for it. ... As for the Congressional races, it's pretty much what I expected. While I endorsed Mod Whalen, I'm not surprised Bruce Braley won. I don't know how long Braley will last in that job, seeing how his biggest priority in Iraq is investigating Halliburton. He's poised to go off the liberal deep end. I'm happy to see Dave Loebsack beat Jim Leach. Leach needed to be kicked into retirement. Democratic partisans may rejoice at a seat going to their party, but Leach was basically a Democrat dressed up in a sweater anyway, kind of like Rhode Island's Lincoln Chaffed was in the Senate.

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