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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Politically Speaking: Salem backstory

Excerpted from this post at Politically Speaking
In the morning after aftermath of the departure of Stephen Salem from the Woodbury County Republican Party chairmanship, the event is still buzzing in my head. The meeting — in which 46 of the 66 central committee members casting ballots went for Kevin Alons as the new chairman to lead an obviously divided party — was one of the most spirited I've covered in 10 years of the reporting profession. It had all but a "Carrie"-like dousing of actual instead of bad blood on Salem. In a quote that didn't make it out of my notebook, Salem at one point told some in the crowd of over 100 that "you are acting like a vigilante mob," to which a man called back, "Which is commensurate with your comments." Salem had strongly derided the Christian right wing of the party, terming them "Christian fascists" who could accept nothing less than 100 percent agreement on moral issues. ... What some people have noted was apt, that there was no actual discussion of the strong comments Salem had uttered 13 days ago in the election aftermath, that "Christian fascists" had torn apart the county GOP. Some believe that not airing that was a mistake, that talking it out might be needed before the party can come together. And can the Woodbury County Republican Party come together by 2008?

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