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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Open Country: My Person-of-the-Year Nominations

Excerpted from this post at Open Country
... My positive candidate for Person of the Year, Dave Loebsack. My negative candidate, the unwitting anti-Christ, Jim Leach. ... My positive candidate for the Person of the Year Award is Dave Loebsack, soon-to-be Second District U.S. House Representative, for Person of the Year. ... It takes a lot of heart to try so hard when the world, or most of it, is writing you off. Good campaign, Dave! You were serene and calm all the way up to Election Day! ... I like your agenda, too, which is raising the minimum wage, getting us all national health insurance, and lowering the interest rate on student loans. I know that those would not be Jim Leach's priorities if he had been re-elected. ... Many would say that Jim Leach wouldn't cause so much unwitting mischief if he weren't a nice man and a viable candidate, but he sure has made a lot of waves. Never mind that he didn't intend to make waves. We've got waves. Unelected by folks like me and my husband, people nationally, statewide, and locally are running around in tight little circles trying to make it up to Mr. Leach. Will he be the new U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations? Will he be president of the University of Iowa. A lot of enemies are being made and people are mad.

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