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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Mind of IrishWalsh: Resolved: Smoking should NOT be banned in bars and restaurants

Excerpted from this post at The Mind of IrishWalsh
... Anyone who supports the total ban on smoking in bars and restaurant sections needs to decide why it is that they desire such far reaching laws to be put in place. Do we want part of our civil liberties to be banned because we "don't like smelling like smoke"? Do you want to grant the government the ability to ban us from drinking next because of the risk of liver disease? What about banning alcohol to prevent second hand damages incurred by people from drunks? ... After the annoyance excuse we hear that smoking needs to be banned because secondhand smoke kills everyone who comes near it. Isn't this the reason that the government cites when they enact smoking bans, that smoking is costing tax payers trillions in healthcare? ... I ask you If secondhand smoke is so dangerous to citizens why has the government not banned the sale and possession of tobacco rather than trying to isolate it's use to people's homes. Do they really believe that everyone, including the children in the home smoke and are not therefore harmed by the secondhand?

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