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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Iowa Voice: What It Will Mean

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voice
While we're going to be hearing the rhetoric of "we'll do our best to work together" coming from both sides, the cold, hard reality is that there will be no cooperation. The Democrats have done nothing but obstruct everything in their quest for power, and I fully expect them to be just as hard-headed for the next two years. ... I look for the first order of business to be the elimination of the tax cuts, or an outright tax increase; I look for them to launch massive investigations on virtually everything, regardless of whether it's the NSA programs or whether the President wears boxers or briefs; I look for them to dismantle the Patriot Act and perhaps even the Dept. of Homeland Security; I look for them to cease funding the war, forcing our withdraw; I look for them to jack up the minimum wage, try their hand (again) at some kind of socialized medicine, and basically drive the economy into the crapper.

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