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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Iowa True Blue: Now Comes The Really Hard Part

Excerpted from this post at Iowa True Blue
I know many of you are expecting a giddy, wild, cocky, ball-spiking, victory-dance-in-the endzone-type post today. While I am obviously thrilled by yesterday's election results, I just can't do that. Because, in part: Quagmire in Iraq. Chaos in Afghanistan. Iran and North Korea going nuclear. Allies estranged. Osama still at large, five years later. Nine trillion dollar national debt. Three million more folks in poverty since 2004. Tens of millions -- many of them kids -- without access to basic healthcare. The ridiculous cost of prescription drugs. Billions of dollars literally gone missing in Iraq. Stem cell research unfunded. Rebuilding New Orleans. ... Yes, Democrats won a blowout victory yesterday, and its very exciting. But we won because folks demanded change, and they demanded change because this wonderful country is in a horrible mess. Progressives have a great opportunity, but also a great responsibility.

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