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Monday, November 20, 2006

From DC2Iowa: UI President Search I

Excerpted from this post at From DC2Iowa
This is "UI President Search I" because I suspect it's not the end of this story, and that there will be a "UI President Search II" and many more over the days, weeks -- and possibly months -- before the University of Iowa once again has something other than an "interim" president. ... What's going on here? The fact is, we don't know. There's lots of -- understandable -- emotionally driven anger. There's an equal amount of rumor and speculation. But there has been so much secrecy surrounding the process -- at least some of which was unnecessary, and all of which was of the Regents own making -- that there is probably no one who knows all the "who shot John?" step-by-step answers. ... One explanation that is documented is Regents President Michael Gartner's post-Friday meeting written statement asserting that the Regents' objections related to the need for "candidates who had more experience as leaders who oversaw complex health sciences operations." ... It is impossible to know the hundreds of lives and thousands of hours of effort (not to mention the money) that have been involved in the search process over the last year by the Regents, search committee members, faculty and others -- on the assumption by all involved that the stated qualifications for the position were in fact the standards that would be applied in making the selection.

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