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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Corn Beltway Boys: CBB Endorses Chet Culver For Governor

Excerpted from this post at The Corn Beltway Boys
If you are looking for intelligence, experience, leadership, knowledgeable staff, a clear vision for Iowa's future, less socialistic programs, lower taxes, improved education, realistic renewable fuel programs, affordable health care and just an overall better quality of life here in Iowa then the obvious choice is Jim Nussle. However, here in the blogging world we look for slightly different qualifications... Bumbling politicians like Chet Culver with zero public speaking skills don't come along everyday and it is important that we siege the "gold mine of opportunity" that lies within a vote for Culver. Hundreds of marginally funny comedians have made a career out of lampooning dim witted politicians; Bill Maher and Jay Leno quickly come to mind. And we here at the Corn Beltway Boys believe Chet Culver represents the satirical blogging mother-load and our chance at the God given right of 15 minutes of fame.

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