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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Caucus Cooler: Krusty's Going Krazy

Excerpted from this post at Caucus Cooler
We at the Kooler think that Krusty needs to step away from the extreme right-wing kool-aid. For some reason konservatives like to be revisionist historians when it komes to our Presidential kandidates. W. won election as a "compassionate conservative." Someone who worked with members of both parties in Texas to achieve success. One of the issues he talked about most, if not his top issue, was education- and not vouchers or shutting down the Dept. of Ed but "leaving no child behind" and nationalizing education standards. George W's position on abortion was cloudy. It seemed like he was pro-life but he never clearly said it, always answering the question by talking about judges. ... It seems to us that the only kandidate that Krusty would be satisfied with is Steve King or Alan Keyes or Gary Bauer or Pat Buchanan. Is that really the route the party wants to go?

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