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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Radio Iowa blog: It was a dark and stormy night

Excerpted from this post at Radio Iowa blog
I'm on the ground in Mount Pleasant for the official launch of Tom Vilsack's presidential campaign. After checking into the fabulous AmeriHost right across from the Wal-Mart in Mount Pleasant shortly after three o'clock, Lee Enterprises newsman Todd Dorman and I set off for the main drag. We drove down two major thoroughfares in town, around the town square and right by Vilsack's house. There are no Vilsack for president signs anywhere that we could see. ... Upon arrival at the middle school where the Vilsack potluck was planned, reporters were greeted by two Vilsack staffers. One of them was Dusky Terry, the Sec of Ag candidate who used to be an aide in the governor's office and who is now working on Vilsack's campaign staff. Dusky spied the plastic container I was holding, learned that it was my famous "Scotchies" (hey, a girl who grew up in Lenox, IA knows you take something to share when you're invited to a potluck), and I opened the container so he could have the first one.

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Century of the Common Iowan: Will Hillary Skip Iowa? Will Anyone else come?

Excerpted from this post at Century of the Common Iowan
Political Wire again has a story about Hillary skipping Iowa...
On Fox News last night, the chairman of Iowa's Democratic party said that Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) is not laying the adequate groundwork for a presidenial campaign in the first caucus state and that many are starting to speculate she may not run if Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) enters the race. ... I think other candidates will come if they see the Iowa Caucuses as a level playing field. That is why the new State Democratic Party Chair is so important. If there is any hint of any advantage towards Vilsack the other candidates will be heading to New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.

Krusty Konservative: Who will challenge McCain and Romney?

Excerpted from this post at Krusty Konservative
With yesterday's announcement that Bill Frist would not seek the Republican nomination for President in 2008, the Republican field of kredible kandidates got event smaller. In Iowa, John McCain and Mitt Romney are the clear front runners, but after them there isn't much of anything. ... In a few days the McCain campaign will announce that they hired every available staffer on the market, followed by Romney who will make a similar announcement. In a year where the presidency is up for the taking I would have thought there would be a larger field of 2nd tier kandidates, especially those of the konservative persuasion.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

State 29: Do You Know What I Mean?

Excerpted from this post at State 29
... I can't begin to speculate on what's what in this entire mess, but it sure seems to me that it all points back to Tom Vilsack. Michael Gartner, I mean Tom Vilsack, wants a UI President with health-care experience. Well, why is that so important now when it has never been an issue in the past 150-odd years? It all goes back to the Wellmark debacle. Attorney General and Democrat Tom Miller ruled that Vilsack's appointment of John Forsyth, Wellmark's CEO, to the Board of Regents in 2003 was a serious conflict of interest. David Skorton, the only UI President with health-care experience, had problems with a contract the hospital had with Wellmark over reimbursement rates. Gartner, I mean Vilsack, didn't like that, so Skorton was dissed at raise time and was lured away to The Other Cornell.

Open Country: Gartner and Wahlert to Resign?

Excerpted from this post at Open Country
The only reason I can think of for UI community leaders agreeing to secrecy is that Gov. Vilsack has asked or will ask Michael Gartner and Theresa Wahlert, Board of Regents members, to resign. What else would pour so much cold water on a firestorm? The next IDP Chair

Excerpted from this post at
Scott Brennan, from Davis Law Firm. He's an old Harkin guy from Indianola. Not a lot of fundraising experience but sounds like a decent human being, and most importantly someone without major connections to any of the presidential contenders. A handsome devil too, if I do say so myself. This is, of course, subject to change or (ha!) being voted down by the state central committee. As of like two days ago they thought it was gonna be Rob Tulley.

Radio Iowa blog: Christie cooks for her man

Excerpted from this post at Radio Iowa blog
If Tom Vilsack should become his party's nominee for president in 2008, he and his wife may avoid the cookie controversy that surrounded the Clintons back in 1992. ... This was the quote from HRC: "I supposed I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession which I entered before my husband was in public life." While Christie Vilsack was a teacher for years, she cooked, too. Mrs. Vilsack intends to bring her "cheesy corn casserole" to the potluck in Mount Pleasant tomorrow night that's meant as a sort of kick-off for Vilsack's presiential campaign. Jeff Link, communications director for the Vilsack presidential campaign, says Mrs. Vilsack won a blue ribbon at the Iowa State Fair when she entered this recipe in the casserole competition.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Political Forecast: IA-03: Case study - How Leonard Boswell was Saved by the Democratic Wave

Excerpted from this post at Political Forecast
Starting in June of 2006, Chuck Todd of the National Journal began listing Leonard Boswell's 3rd CD seat in Iowa as one of his top 30 seats most likely to change partisan control. ... By Monday, November 6th, the day before Election Day, Todd released his final rankings—of the 60 congressional seats most likely to change hands—and Boswell's seat was not listed. ... the ultimate conclusion appears that both Congressman Boswell and his Republican opponent, Jeff Lamberti, ran strong campaigns but the national mood against Republicans and their years of leadership prompted a strong Democratic message across the nation as well as anti-Republican sentiment thanks to Congressional scandals involving sex and ethics, as well as the war in Iraq. ... The strength of the parties' involvement in media buys and attacks against their opponents shows just how much of a role the parties will continue to play in very competitive races.

Krusty Konservative: Straw Poll - August 11, 2007

Excerpted from this post at Krusty Konservative
The Republican Party of Iowa has announced that their Straw Poll will once again be held at Hilton Coliseum in Ames on Saturday, August 11, 2007. ... History shows that the Straw Poll grows exponentially every year. If you love politics, the Iowa Straw Poll is defiantly something you will want to attend. While I'm glad to see that RPI has a date and location for the Straw Poll, I just think it stupid that the event will be held in Hilton Coliseum. Hilton will only hold 15,000 people, and the neighboring Stephens Auditorium will hold an additional 2,747, that's only 17,747 people. Yet over 23,685 people voted at the last event. In 1999 the fire marshals closed the doors when the building was at full capacity. With so much at stake, RPI should have at least considered moving the event to a larger venue like the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines. However even there the Wells Fargo Arena would only hold 17,000 and Vets would add an additional 7,200 people. I'm scared to think how many people Romney, McCain and the others will turn out in 2007.

Politically Speaking: Nielsen gives thanks

Excerpted from this post at Politically Speaking
In a commercial that had to be at least 30 seconds, Nielsen thanked people for considering his candidacy or voting for him two weeks ago in the Iowa 5th District congressional race. Nielsen, an independent, explained he recognized people were tired of political ads, but that he wanted to take the step of giving thanks to western Iowans. Three thoughts came to mind — (1) that it had to cost several thousand dollars to craft and air the commercial, (2) that it was a novel idea and a gracious one as well, given that Nielsen placed a distant third in the three-person race, and (3) that he may be running again for Congress in 2008.

Monday, November 27, 2006

FromDC2Iowa: UI President Search VII: The Answer

Excerpted from this post at FromDC2Iowa
... We need a solution that will preserve as much dignity as possible for Governor Vilsack and Regents Gartner and Wahlert -- "the Board leadership" -- and the UI constituent groups, especially if they go ahead with their "votes of no confidence" in the Board's leadership. ... Regents Gartner and Wahlert need to announce their resignations from the Board. Now. ... The Regents should select whomever they believe to be the best of the four finalists who emerged from their search process. ... Even under the best of circumstances it is highly unlikely that a new, second search would produce better candidates than those produced by the search we've already conducted. And these aren't "the best of circumstances." The odds are high -- especially if the Board leadership remains, but even if it doesn't -- that a second search would find us dealing with very wary potential candidates, reluctant even to apply, and others substantially less "wonderfully accomplished" than the ones we've already found. Even if it were not the only option, going with the results of our first search has the added advantage of asuaging the members of the search committee, UI constituencies, and the world that's watching, with the message that what has happened was but a bump in the road rather than complete demolition from an IED (improvised explosive device) planted by a couple insurgent Regents.

Krusty Konservative: Where will Grubbs land?

Excerpted from this post at Krusty Konservative
... Victory Enterprises, an Iowa political konsulting firm, has made some organizational changes. Steve Grubbs the primary owner and CEO has handed the title of president of the kompany to Brian Dumas. Grubbs will maintain his title of CEO. The move was made so that Grubbs can sign on with an 08 Presidential kampaign. ... So who will Grubbs sign on with? I feel pretty konfident that Grubbs isn't going to sign on with McCain, Romney or Huckabee because each of those kampaigns already have konsultants and political advisers from Iowa. If I had to guess, I would bet that Grubbs lands with Tommy Thompson or Bill Frist because both are credible candidates who don't have a large Iowa team in place yet. ... Thompson seems to make a lot of sense. While many Iowa bloggers made fun of his lame announcement a while back, he is a kreditable kandidate. He is also a kandidate that would let Grubbs run the show here in Iowa, which Grubbs would want.

The Hometown Independent: There's a good use for my tax dollars

Excerpted from this post at The Hometown Independent
On IPTV (Iowa Public Television) this Monday: A documentary on the fight to save Iowa's barns from "Urban Sprawl's" encroacment upon these "symbols of rural independance." No doubt tax dollars are involved. Yet another subsidy for these "hard working" farmers. Look. I grew up on a farm. I know what it's like to get up at four, take care of animals, and labor until sundown. But do you know what farmers do the forty-some odd weeks of the year when their crops are just settin' out in the field growing? Not a whole helluva lot, that's for sure! Granted, most have jobs to supplement the "dwindling farm income". But many, many of them merely plant crops in the spring, harvest in the fall, and work no more than two or three hours a day the rest of the year. And what do they do in these off-times? Set back and collect subsidies.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Krusty Konservative: Pataki's Krumbling Iowa Team

Excerpted from this post at Krusty Konservative
... Failor's decision to leave is a devastating blow to Team Pataki. It also could lead to even more of their Iowa team jumping ship. I see that Loras Schulte has now parted ways, could Stew Iverson be next? I also have to wonder if Craig Schoenfeld would have signed on with Pataki if he knew Failor was not planning on staying. What seemed to be an impressive team is now krumbling before we even flip the calendar to 2007. While many of us questioned Failor and the others for signing on with Pataki, they brought Pataki instant credibility in Iowa, even with some konservatives. I don't see how Team Pataki can recover from this type of blow. I'm sure in a few months Failor will resurface with another Presidential Kampaign. My bet is McCain since he is close to Terry Nelson, Chuck Larson and others. I could be wrong on that, while some people always want to work with their friends on campaigns, there are some who would rather work against them because it's just more fun.

The Mind of IrishWalsh: Resolved: Smoking should NOT be banned in bars and restaurants

Excerpted from this post at The Mind of IrishWalsh
... Anyone who supports the total ban on smoking in bars and restaurant sections needs to decide why it is that they desire such far reaching laws to be put in place. Do we want part of our civil liberties to be banned because we "don't like smelling like smoke"? Do you want to grant the government the ability to ban us from drinking next because of the risk of liver disease? What about banning alcohol to prevent second hand damages incurred by people from drunks? ... After the annoyance excuse we hear that smoking needs to be banned because secondhand smoke kills everyone who comes near it. Isn't this the reason that the government cites when they enact smoking bans, that smoking is costing tax payers trillions in healthcare? ... I ask you If secondhand smoke is so dangerous to citizens why has the government not banned the sale and possession of tobacco rather than trying to isolate it's use to people's homes. Do they really believe that everyone, including the children in the home smoke and are not therefore harmed by the secondhand?

Open Country: My Person-of-the-Year Nominations

Excerpted from this post at Open Country
... My positive candidate for Person of the Year, Dave Loebsack. My negative candidate, the unwitting anti-Christ, Jim Leach. ... My positive candidate for the Person of the Year Award is Dave Loebsack, soon-to-be Second District U.S. House Representative, for Person of the Year. ... It takes a lot of heart to try so hard when the world, or most of it, is writing you off. Good campaign, Dave! You were serene and calm all the way up to Election Day! ... I like your agenda, too, which is raising the minimum wage, getting us all national health insurance, and lowering the interest rate on student loans. I know that those would not be Jim Leach's priorities if he had been re-elected. ... Many would say that Jim Leach wouldn't cause so much unwitting mischief if he weren't a nice man and a viable candidate, but he sure has made a lot of waves. Never mind that he didn't intend to make waves. We've got waves. Unelected by folks like me and my husband, people nationally, statewide, and locally are running around in tight little circles trying to make it up to Mr. Leach. Will he be the new U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations? Will he be president of the University of Iowa. A lot of enemies are being made and people are mad.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Politically Speaking: Salem backstory

Excerpted from this post at Politically Speaking
In the morning after aftermath of the departure of Stephen Salem from the Woodbury County Republican Party chairmanship, the event is still buzzing in my head. The meeting — in which 46 of the 66 central committee members casting ballots went for Kevin Alons as the new chairman to lead an obviously divided party — was one of the most spirited I've covered in 10 years of the reporting profession. It had all but a "Carrie"-like dousing of actual instead of bad blood on Salem. In a quote that didn't make it out of my notebook, Salem at one point told some in the crowd of over 100 that "you are acting like a vigilante mob," to which a man called back, "Which is commensurate with your comments." Salem had strongly derided the Christian right wing of the party, terming them "Christian fascists" who could accept nothing less than 100 percent agreement on moral issues. ... What some people have noted was apt, that there was no actual discussion of the strong comments Salem had uttered 13 days ago in the election aftermath, that "Christian fascists" had torn apart the county GOP. Some believe that not airing that was a mistake, that talking it out might be needed before the party can come together. And can the Woodbury County Republican Party come together by 2008?

Century of the Common Iowan: Raising the Gas Tax, What's it good for?

Excerpted from this post at Century of the Common Iowan
There is talk around Des Moines that the state of Iowa needs to raise taxes on gas because of a decline in revenue. Currently Iowa is 30th in the nation in gasoline taxes. ... So they are saying traffic leads to congestion, which leads to poor air quality, and building more roads will solve that. I don't think so. I would be for an increase in taxes on gasoline if that extra money went to public transportation. Increase the bus services in cities around Iowa or be brave and build a light rail from Des Moines to Ames or Cedar Rapids to Iowa City.

In Muscatine: Government Economics

Excerpted from this post at In Muscatine
How in the name of Sam Hill can revenues being going DOWN at a time when gasoline prices have been around all-time highs? Revenue can't help but go up when you are paying $3.00 for gas, or even $2.20 when it used to be $1.50. But there is another problem which needs to be addressed: Between 1999 and 2005, the number of miles of substandard pavement on the state's primary road system increased by 44 percent, to 2,836 miles, DOT officials said. This represents an increase in pavement rehabilitation needs of $366 million above existing needs. ...Why can't we do it like they do in Europe? According to the information I can dig up, potholes and repairs are the problem of construction company what built the road. And the time-frame the company is responsible is twenty years.

The Caucus Cooler: Hodgepodge

Excerpted from this post at The Caucus Cooler
... It will be interesting to see if the RPI State Chair race has any Presidential implications. Current Chair Ray Hoffman doesn't have a horse in that race and he is said to be running for re-election. Polk County GOP Chair Ted Sporer, who's wife supports Pataki and is involved with the 21st Century Freedom PAC, has been quite vocal about his interest in the position.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Century of the Common Iowan: Will There Be Enough Corn?

Excerpted from this post at Century of the Common Iowan
The top story in the Sunday Des Moines Register questions if Iowa will have enough corn to fuel the ethanol boom and still provide food. The Register discusses higher farm incomes and the increase in pollution when taking land out of set aside. ... I have heard some people say that using corn for fuel is immoral with so many people in the world going hungry. That might be a simplistic view of food markets and distribution, but this article gives a glimpse at some possible problems in the future. I feel the answer to this issue is clear...diversity. If Iowa uses all available land to grow corn, problems can arrise. However, if they diversify and plant switchgrass and other crops to make ethanol we will all be better off.

Open Country: Regents Continue to Alienate Best & Brightest

Excerpted from this post at Open Country
Well, the bad decisions continue to come down fast and furiously from on high at the Board of Regents and the University of Iowa. First, UI fires Mary Gilchrist from the University Hygienic Lab because her passion for a quality new lab of sufficient size was getting on their nerves. ... Then the UI decided to divest themselves of the university's family-friendly daycare because it's not a money maker or some such "business smart" reason. ... The Board of Regents spent $110,000+ on a search committee that found seven presidential candidates, winnowed down to four, all of whom have now been rejected by Michael Gartner and his fellow regents. The buzz is, Gartner wants to give the job to Jim Leach, former U.S. House Representative, who became available after Election Day, November 7th.

From DC2Iowa: UI President Search I

Excerpted from this post at From DC2Iowa
This is "UI President Search I" because I suspect it's not the end of this story, and that there will be a "UI President Search II" and many more over the days, weeks -- and possibly months -- before the University of Iowa once again has something other than an "interim" president. ... What's going on here? The fact is, we don't know. There's lots of -- understandable -- emotionally driven anger. There's an equal amount of rumor and speculation. But there has been so much secrecy surrounding the process -- at least some of which was unnecessary, and all of which was of the Regents own making -- that there is probably no one who knows all the "who shot John?" step-by-step answers. ... One explanation that is documented is Regents President Michael Gartner's post-Friday meeting written statement asserting that the Regents' objections related to the need for "candidates who had more experience as leaders who oversaw complex health sciences operations." ... It is impossible to know the hundreds of lives and thousands of hours of effort (not to mention the money) that have been involved in the search process over the last year by the Regents, search committee members, faculty and others -- on the assumption by all involved that the stated qualifications for the position were in fact the standards that would be applied in making the selection.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Politically Speaking: King and DeLay chew over politics

Excerpted from this post at Politically Speaking

It seems Iowa 5th District Congressman Steve King has kept up with his friend and philosophical kindred spirit, former Republican Congressman Tom DeLay, as the two had supper in D.C. this week. According to an account in Roll Call, the newspaper of Capitol Hill since 1955, "Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and Rep. Steve King had a juicy steak dinner at Sam and Harry's on Tuesday night (Nov.14), the evening before the one-time uber-lobbyist Jack Abramoff was due to begin serving his prison sentence for the Florida half of his corruption conviction. DeLay - whose demise, of course, is linked to the Abramoff corruption scandal - enjoyed a steak, according to sources in the restaurant. He and King chatted and whispered away at a cozy table against the wall. No word on who gave more gossip."

Political Forecast: IA-Leg: Rants will continue as Republican leader in House

Excerpted from this post at Political Forecast

It looks like the Republicans are already leaning on Chris Rants as their leader in the House again, which will likely not do much to help there desires to do better in the 2008 elections. One figured he might have some kind of challenge from Chuck Gipp, the current majority leader, but instead Gipp has decided to retire at the end of the next session so Rants is just going to take over. The Register has the story here. Rants has blamed Republican turnout strategy for their losses next week, not ideology, according to Stella Shaffer at Radio Iowa. I think some House Republicans would like to blame Rants for being loyal only to his big-time interest group contributors versus the people who actually help get them elected.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Krusty Konservative: Monkey see, Monkey do

Excerpted from this post at Krusty Konservative
I think I'm going to set the over/under on the number of Republicans running for President at 25. With every new day it seems like another person says what the heck, I'm running for President. Yesterday Tommy Thompson told the Des Moines Register that he is planning to run for President. ... I'm a little worried that with so many people announcing that they are running for president, Panbanisha, an ape from the Great Ape Trust of Iowa will announce her candidacy soon. Last month Panbanisha observed welder set off the fire alarm, since then she has set off the alarm twice in just a month. Unlike some of the more recent hopefuls, as a female, Panbanisha would bring something different to the race, something more than just being from Wisconsin.

From Right 2 Left: Preliminary 2008 Predictions

Excerpted from this post at From Right 2 Left
Obama appeals to people across the spectrum, and he is probably the best communicator in politics today. Although he lacks experience, he also lacks baggage. I wouldn't favor him over Clinton, but I would put them at closer to even odds. ... As for Vilsack, I have just one question: Why does he want to hurt the Iowa caucuses by making them irrelevant on the Democratic side? He cannot win the party's nomination. If he is still running on caucus day, I might just go to the Republican caucuses. I want my caucus participation to count for something.

Caucus Cooler: Tony Leys for President? "Why Not?"

Excerpted from this post at Caucus Cooler
Apparently Tommy Thompson thinks he's running for President. We're not sure what's more telling about Tommy Thompson's revelation: that the story was broken in the Des Moines Register by Tony Leys or that the phrase "Why Not" was prominently involved. ... Thompson then goes on to make this announcement by saying, "I hope so, "Why not? I'm from the Midwest. There should be a Midwestern candidate for president." That's a real sign of strength when you are making a bid for the Presidency. He thinks the two top issues will be health care and energy- we think he might be overlooking the War on Terror. We find the guys who float their name for President just to stay relevant quite amusing.

Tusk & Talon: Mourning Period Over

Excerpted from this post at Tusk & Talon
In Iowa, the governorship and both houses of the legislature are now in Democrat hands. One of their top priorities will be to reward the loyalty of the public service unions, in particular the National Education Association. This will be sold as "education reform" but make no mistake, the goal of any such reform will be to increase the number of dues-paying members of the NEA/ISEA. This is the driving force behind the universal pre-school proposal – to hire more public school pre-kindergarten teachers. Never mind whether it helps children learn. If it costs additional money that proves we're doing something, right?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Iowa True Blue: Bet The Farm: Rudy Can't Win The Iowa Caucuses

Excerpted from this post at Iowa True Blue
Today I propose a new rule, called The Fischer Doctrine. It concerns Republican candidates. It's like this: any GOPer who is reasonable enough that I would actually consider voting for them in the general election, can never actually be nominated ... No question, he was and is an American hero for his actions on 9/11. He is also quite moderate -- he is pro choice; pro stem cell research; pro gun control; pro civil unions, and on and on. ... Hizzoner is so moderate, in fact, that in a general election I might even consider voting for him. Which is why he'll never be the GOP nominee. Too darn reasonable for Iowa Republicans.

Blog for Iowa: Will Iowa Reclaim Education Leadership?

Excerpted from this post at Blog for Iowa
As Iowa's investment in public education declined over a 13-year period, the state's position as a leader in student achievement also declined, a new report shows. "Actions taken by the 2006 General Assembly began to reverse this trend on the investment side, but have taken only a first step to address this decline in investment, and the new Legislature has major challenges before it," said Charles Bruner, executive director of the Child & Family Policy Center (CFPC) and co-author of the new report for the nonpartisan Iowa Fiscal Partnership (IFP). ... "The report raises two important questions for Iowa policymakers," [CFPC senior associate Mike] Crawford said. "First, is it reasonable to be concerned that our decline in investment has affected achievement? And second, should we assure a greater commitment to education in Iowa?"

JCR Blog: Yikes

Excerpted from this post at JCR Blog
Our brothers and sisters out in Woodbury County are having quite the row if we are to believe the Sioux City Journal's Bret Hayworth: Brown contended the people Salem described trying "to hijack the Republican Party of Iowa" did what Salem said — "if you don't agree with them 100 percent on every issue, they not only refuse to support you, they take active steps to destroy you, including the use of innuendo and outright lies." Salem said ... Our state chairman seems to think everything is OK, though. "Asked twice about it for my story, Ray Hoffmann, a Sioux Cityan who heads the Republican Party of Iowa, said he wasn't aware of any schism in the Woodbury County party." It's this kind of thing that makes me think it may not be so bad being outnumbered here in Johnson County. When you've got no one to argue with, you argue with yourself.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

FromDC2Iowa: More on Riverside Gambling Casino

Excerpted from this post at FromDC2Iowa
Yesterday I reported on the November 2006 report (of October data) from the Riverside gambling casino. Both attendance and revenue were down from September (the opening month) and the projections for the first year ... There's an ongoing story here about Iowa's economic development generally, attractions including gambling in particular, the extent to which gambling either contibutes to or detracts from the local economy and municipal governments that underwrite it, if Iowa is to have gambling casinos how competition impacts upon them and how many casinos are the optimum number -- and of course gambling's negatives, comparing eastern Iowa's pre-gambling casino numbers with those post-Riverside: domestic violence, bankruptcies, crime, DWI, suicides, and increased municipal (and state) costs for law enforcement and infrastructure

Caucus Cooler: Krusty's Going Krazy

Excerpted from this post at Caucus Cooler
We at the Kooler think that Krusty needs to step away from the extreme right-wing kool-aid. For some reason konservatives like to be revisionist historians when it komes to our Presidential kandidates. W. won election as a "compassionate conservative." Someone who worked with members of both parties in Texas to achieve success. One of the issues he talked about most, if not his top issue, was education- and not vouchers or shutting down the Dept. of Ed but "leaving no child behind" and nationalizing education standards. George W's position on abortion was cloudy. It seemed like he was pro-life but he never clearly said it, always answering the question by talking about judges. ... It seems to us that the only kandidate that Krusty would be satisfied with is Steve King or Alan Keyes or Gary Bauer or Pat Buchanan. Is that really the route the party wants to go?

Krusty Konservative: Krusty not Krazy

Excerpted from this post at Krusty Konservative
My friend(s) over at the Kaucus Kooler think I'm crazy for being uninspired by the potential 2008 kandidates. ... What the Kooler fails to realize is that President Bush is the reason we were thumped on election night, he's also the reason why the base of our party is frustrated, and he's the reason why the Republican Party is no longer the party of fiscal responsibility. ... While Konservatives have supported Bush, there are plenty of things we are unhappy about. We have never liked No Child Left Behind, and we all cringed when the Bush Administration successfully lobbied Congress to pass the Medicare Prescription Drug benefit, one of the largest expansions of government. We don't like President Bush's immigration policy either. I don't want more of the same from our next Presidential nominee, but I fear that's what we are going to get from John McCain, George Pataki, Bill Frist, or Rudy Giuliani.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Krusty Konservative: Lundby Elected Minority Leader After Konservatives Walk Out

Excerpted from this post at Krusty Konservative
After receiving 11 votes from her Republican colleagues, Mary Lundby was elected Senate Minority Leader. However there is major rift in the Republican Kaucus in the Senate. Before the vote was taken, Senators, McKinley Zieman, Boettger, Zahn, Hahn, Kettering, Behn and Senator-elect Hartsuch walked out of the meeting after their request that the leadership elections be postponed until Senators have a chance to regroup after the election and so that all Republican Senators could be present.

State 29: Iowa Republicans Continue To Ignore Conservatives

Excerpted from this post at State 29
... I think it's bizarro world as far as State-oriented politics go in Iowa. Republicans basically allowed the sales tax in Iowa to go up 80%, expanded gambling, green-lighted Touchplay, went along with massive taxpayer-financed corporate welfare, and brought in legalized loansharking. ... I don't really understand what Republicans in Iowa are for anymore. They're not about fiscal conservatism, that's for sure. Were they ever? ... Democrats haven't been much better. Their disregard for the little guy has been staggering. ... Maybe I should take current party values at face value: Republicans simply want to make deals with Democrats in order to be liked, and Democrats simply hate everything about Republicans except when Republicans cave

Politically Speaking: Salem shines light on Republican Party

Excerpted from this post at Politically Speaking
Steve Salem shed light on the inner workings of a political party, something that rarely gets publicly aired on the pages of a newspaper. His lambast of the derogatory influence of the Christian right wing in the Woodbury County Republican Party, which ran in our paper on Thursday, carries considerable weight, since Salem heads the county party. Salem said "Christian fascists" who have taken over the local party "are moral absolutists, who take the approach that if you don't take my position every step of the way, not only will I not support you, but I will destroy you." ... On the local talk radio show Friday, Hoffmann said the story got more play than it deserved -- it ran across the top of Page One -- and said he would help any county party that needed it, if he knew of a need. ... In other Web site reaction, Republicans said they should not check their religious views at the voting booth and that Salem's remarks were sour grapes from a losing chairman. On the flip side, Salem was lauded for airing the schism, that a realistic Republican self-analysis had finally come forth. One person wrote "Hoffmann is in denial, is blind" or spinning facts.

Joe says so: A platform for a party of me

Excerpted from this post at Joe says so
Iowa's Republicans just got stomped from the top of the ticket to the bottom. They got whipped by Chet Culver, which is like losing a foot race to a grandma pushing a walker. ... I don't think it's the end of the world. It's healthy to occasionally have changes of control politically, because any party that has power too long seems to inevitably get flabby and corrupt. I don't think Chet and the Democrats will be good for Iowa, but the Republicans haven't exactly been covering themselves with glory either. ... While I can't tell the Republicans how to win, I can tell them how to make me care again whether they do.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Iowa True Blue: Prediction: Tom Vilsack Will Be The Next President of the United States

Excerpted from this post at Iowa True Blue

Flat out. Now, this will sound like I'm bragging, but I'm really not. I am a quite humble person (frankly, I have many, many, many reasons to be humble). But I do have a solid track record for accurate predictions. In 2005, before spring training, I predicted the Chicago White Sox would win the World Series. In 2006, as you can see from this site, I was pretty dead on with my political prognistications. I will write much, much more over the coming days, weeks, and months, but a few reasons for my prediction (in absolutely no particular order).

Nussle & Flow: Nussle Defeat Inspires Ten Campaign Commandments

Excerpted from this post at Nussle & Flow

Forty-eight hours later and the residual effects of the post-election hangover have begun to dissipate. A lot of finger-pointing and infighting has ensued at Camp Nussle as the GOP attempts to determine: What went wrong? How could Nussle, the President's Prodigal Son, possibly lose the bid for Iowa's next governor? Jim's Incredibly-Shrunken Inner-Circle is beside themselves, not to mention a number of hyperbolic accusations have been bantered about, ranging from home-bred conspiracy theories to the fix - meaning the fix is in (wink, wink), not that Nussle's been neutered - either physically or politically.

The Caucus Cooler: POTUS Winners and Losers

Excerpted from this post at The Caucus Cooler

Election night 2006 was ugly for Republicans up and down the ballot, but it had some definite implications for the 2008 Presidential wannabees. Let's take a look at some winners and losers.


Rudy Giuliani - With an ugly environment, Rudy looks like a real uniter that can take the Party and the Country out of this funk and into the future. He had an aggressive campaigning session, picking up chits around the country. And spent election eve in Iowa which certainly will be remembered by those that attended. (Those events were spectacular according to all sources). Rudy also dipped his toe in the staffer waters while in town courting some high powered Iowans.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

John Deeth Blog: The Upset Of The Nation

Excerpted from this post at John Deeth Blog
Every cycle someone does it. Someone who no one thinks has a chance, in a race that's literally not even on the map, comes out of nowhere and shocks the country. Tonight it happened in my town. This is the biggest win I've ever been a small part of. I remember sitting around living rooms in about February, brainstorming messages, trying to find a way to do the impossible, to beat a 30 year incumbent. I remember a quck spoken genial professor who I've worked with on campaigns successful and not, watching him struggle with telling his story of a difficult youth - I knew him for at least a decade before I heard it - watching him grow into a powerful messenger for change and for Democratic values. I'm proud to call Dave Loebsack a friend. Tonight I am proud to call him my congressman.

Political Forecast: A dream come true: Democrats make history

Excerpted from this post at Political Forecast
Unlike some other Iowa bloggers, I thought I was dreaming last night. And then I woke up, and it was indeed a dream came true. As Secretary of State Chet Culver said on Monday, Iowans had the ability to make histoyr yesterday. And Governor-Elect Culver reiterated that last night as the Democrats swept the governorship, the state senate, and the state house. Democrats accomplished the trifecta in Iowa — we took it all. There hasn't been a Democratic movement in this state like this since 1964 and LBJ. ... Should we boast? Of course we should, but not for long and not extravagantly. We won, plain and simple. But as Governor-Elect Culver said last night, we have to lock arms and produce 'One Iowa' and lead this state in a combined effort to make it great for everyone. We have ideas and plans with which we need to follow through, and we can do that.

The Real Sporer: History repeating itself........

Excerpted from this post at The Real Sporer not a good thing when it doesn't work the first time. It's also important to look at the facts on the ground and to learn from them in a zero sum game like politics. It is very clear that Iowa Republican politics focuses on a top down model. The top of the ticket gets and spends most of the money, most of the energy and most of the control over the state wide effort. Any review of money raised and how and by whom spent irrefutably demonstrates that historical pattern. ... The complete lack of correlation between assets expended and vote returned clearly evidences the failure of the top down model that we have employed for the last several cycles.

Mainstream Iowan: Iowa - Stop Your Giggling About Traveling Tom

Excerpted from this post at Mainstream Iowan
Emboldened by the recent election, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack has announced he will run for President. A fairly recent poll showed Vilsack in 4th place among presidential hopefuls for Democrats in Iowa. Vilsack supporters seemed to have forgotten about the CIETC scandal unfolded while he was campaigning in New Hampshire. The Vilsack team will not be able to bury the scandals and failures in Iowa on the national level. Just as Dukakis had Willie Horton, look for Ramona Cunningham to become to become a national household word for the Vilsack campaign. Legislators have twice successfully sued Vilsack. Vilsack has restored voting rights for felons and has all but actually encouraged illegal immigration in Iowa which is up 1200%.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Statehouse Snippets: The Morning After

Excerpted from this post at Statehouse Snippets
Wondering just how Chet Culver won Iowa's governor's race so easily? Here are a few factors to chew on. CONGRESS WOES -- It wasn't a good year for Iowa Republicans to top their ticket with a Republican member of Congress. And the GOP may think twice about doing it again after U.S. Rep. Jim Nussle's defeat Tuesday and former U.S. Rep Jim Ross Lightfoot's defeat in 1998. ... TURNOUT -- Nussle's forces hoped to duplicate President Bush's 2004 Iowa triumph by turning out core Republican voters, especially in Northwest Iowa. But Republicans couldn't repeat history and Nussle's winning margins in the west paled in comparison to Bush's. Meanwhile Culver scored huge wins in urban areas. ... TV ADS -- A Culver TV ad featuring his wife, Mari, who called him her "big lug," and another featuring the Democratic nominee and his running mate Patty Judge hamming it up in raincoats, stood out in a sea of menacing, gloomy attack ads.

Radio Iowa Blog: Leach & All the President's Men

Excerpted from this post at Radio Iowa Blog
On Monday several sources told me GOP GOTV efforts in the first and third congressional districts in Iowa were being diverted to the second to "save" Leach. No one would confirm this on the record, but it should have been the case. Republicans should have known Leach was in trouble. ... Now, on to Governor-Elect Chet Culver. I don't know if any of you downloaded the MP3 of the speech Culver gave in Johnson County in early October that was posted on the "Campaign Countdown" section of, but it was a definite contrast with the speech posted there from GOP candidate Jim Nussle.

Open Country: Dave Loebsack Won! Dems Won!

Excerpted from this post at Open Country
It's like Christmas morning over here, folks!! My 17-year-old daughter greeted me this morning with the great news that Dave Loebsack pulled off a big upset win!! How many people wrote him off? wrote him off, many pollsters assumed that Jim Leach would win, but they were wrong!! It started to hit me on Saturday as I canvassed for Dave. An extraordinary number of people were voting for Dave or had voted for Dave. Of course, this was downtown Iowa City, but still!

Iowa True Blue: Now Comes The Really Hard Part

Excerpted from this post at Iowa True Blue
I know many of you are expecting a giddy, wild, cocky, ball-spiking, victory-dance-in-the endzone-type post today. While I am obviously thrilled by yesterday's election results, I just can't do that. Because, in part: Quagmire in Iraq. Chaos in Afghanistan. Iran and North Korea going nuclear. Allies estranged. Osama still at large, five years later. Nine trillion dollar national debt. Three million more folks in poverty since 2004. Tens of millions -- many of them kids -- without access to basic healthcare. The ridiculous cost of prescription drugs. Billions of dollars literally gone missing in Iraq. Stem cell research unfunded. Rebuilding New Orleans. ... Yes, Democrats won a blowout victory yesterday, and its very exciting. But we won because folks demanded change, and they demanded change because this wonderful country is in a horrible mess. Progressives have a great opportunity, but also a great responsibility.

Mainstream Iowan: Iowa Becomes A Blue State; Democrats Sweep Iowa

Excerpted from this post at Mainstream Iowan
For well over a week, I have been turned off by negative campaign ads and the scores of telephone calls disturbing our family meals. Additionally, political campaigns have become so dirty and sleazy, many potential good candidates who would serve us well will not subject themselves to political campaigns. Sleazy mudslinging in campaigns will continue because it works. Having been turned off by this, I did not even stay up and watch the television returns. ... The great 72 hour Republican voter turnout did not work and Northwest Iowa did not come through as was thought. The State of Iowa is divided with the East being Blue (Democrat) while the West is Red (Republican).

Iowa Voters: Election Results

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voters
Iowa has a new, well-qualified Secretary of State in Michael Mauro. He supports paper trails, as Culver did. Congratulations, Mr. Mauro. The Iowa legislature is now controlled by Democrats. That means paper trail legislation will not be held hostage to Rep. Libby Jacobs's voter identification mandate. Rep. Mary Gaskil may become chair of the House state government committee. She had the good sense to invite UI professor Doug Jones to speak to the legislature about voting machines last spring.

The Corn Beltway Boys: 2006 Election Parting Thoughts

Excerpted from this post at The Corn Beltway Boys
First off let me state, as should have been evident through my previous posts, that the results of last night do not surprise me. However, I caution Democrats from claiming some sort of mandate in an election I truly believe they needed to win to remain a viable political party. ... While I always secretly hoped for the Republicans to lose control of one of the houses, I can honestly say I am not sure the split in the Senate will be healthy for America. However I also consider this election to be the rebuilding of the conservative movement. Far too many Republicans got drunk on power while being hoisted into office through their pseudo-conservative views. That changed as of last night

Iowa Voice: What It Will Mean

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voice
While we're going to be hearing the rhetoric of "we'll do our best to work together" coming from both sides, the cold, hard reality is that there will be no cooperation. The Democrats have done nothing but obstruct everything in their quest for power, and I fully expect them to be just as hard-headed for the next two years. ... I look for the first order of business to be the elimination of the tax cuts, or an outright tax increase; I look for them to launch massive investigations on virtually everything, regardless of whether it's the NSA programs or whether the President wears boxers or briefs; I look for them to dismantle the Patriot Act and perhaps even the Dept. of Homeland Security; I look for them to cease funding the war, forcing our withdraw; I look for them to jack up the minimum wage, try their hand (again) at some kind of socialized medicine, and basically drive the economy into the crapper.

State 29: Jim Ross Republican

Excerpted from this post at State 29
... I'm not surprised that Republican Jim Nussle lost the Iowa goobernatorial race. He's been in DC forever, he divorced his wife and then married a lobbyist which showed him to be a big "family values" hypocrite, he was in the charge of the House Deficit Committee, and the guy couldn't be bothered to vote against a single Porkbusters earmark. Did Kentucky really need a million tacked on the Federal deficit for tourism? Well, Jim Ross Nussle voted for it. ... As for the Congressional races, it's pretty much what I expected. While I endorsed Mod Whalen, I'm not surprised Bruce Braley won. I don't know how long Braley will last in that job, seeing how his biggest priority in Iraq is investigating Halliburton. He's poised to go off the liberal deep end. I'm happy to see Dave Loebsack beat Jim Leach. Leach needed to be kicked into retirement. Democratic partisans may rejoice at a seat going to their party, but Leach was basically a Democrat dressed up in a sweater anyway, kind of like Rhode Island's Lincoln Chaffed was in the Senate.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blogger Coverage of Election Night

Statehouse Snippets: Collateral Damage

Excerpted from this post at Statehouse Snippets
The 2006 election campaign has resembled that cliché moment in a war movie when a commander explains how he had to destroy a village to save it. Both parties have waged a win-at-all-costs war to capture control of congressional seats, the governor's office, the state legislature and other offices. And when the dust settles, the TV ads fade to black and the partisan shooting finally stops, it's hard to imagine that those institutions haven't suffered at least some collateral damage in the weary eyes of Iowans. ... Bad feelings and grudges are sure to linger after what clearly has been one of the most negative and nasty campaign seasons in recent memory. This one's going to linger for a while.

Tusk & Talon: Predictions

Excerpted from this post at Tusk & Talon
Let me preface this by saying that eight years ago, I boldly let it be known amongst my law school pals that I didn't think there was anyway for Jim Ross Lightfoot to fail to win a trip to Terrace Hill. Ha ha. The joke was on me. Jim Ross collapsed spectacularly in the final weeks. And the rest is, as they say, history. Tom Vilsack spent a comfy eight years rambling about the halls of the Capitol. So, this year, even though I find Chet Culver to be an empty suit, I will not bet against him. Culver wins, probably by about 5 percentage points. ... In Iowa's Congressional Delegation, I think it looks pretty easy to call. Braley thumps Whalen. Leach clears the bar by a point or two. Boswell closes out another election by five. Latham goes back fairly easily. And King will win by twenty points, with Sioux County delivering about half the margin.

Price of Politics: Hold On For One More Day...

Excerpted from this post at Price of Politics
Hours til the polls open. Some questions to close things out...
1. Does Leonard Boswell realize he also is a millionaire politician?
4. Will Dave Lamberti give it another shot if he loses to the Boz?
6. What if Nussle's right about his late surge in the polls this weekend?
7. Why do Tom Miller, Dave Vaudt and Mike Fitzgerald have no opponents?
8. Why are republicans asking, "what went wrong?"
9. How many rallies did Mike Blouin and Ed Fallon actually show up for Chet Culver?
11. Will all of a sudden everyone have to know where House District 52 is after Tuesday? (Mary Lou Freeman's seat)

From Right to Left: Here are the election results!

Excerpted from this post at From Right to Left
Welcome to Terrace Hill Gov. Culver! Chet Culver will win the Governor's race. Based on the best numbers, he has an 85%-90% chance of winning tonight. ... You almost did it Professor Loebsack! Jim Leach will squeak out the closest victory in 30 years today, and this one may not get called late tonight ... or tomorrow. ... Welcome to your new office Speaker Pelosi! Both the IEM and TradeSports show about an 80% chance of a Democratic House being elected tomorrow.

Century of the Common Iowan: Latham On the Attack

Excerpted from this post at Century of the Common Iowan
Tom Latham promised 2 weeks ago in a debate on WHO Radio with Selden Spencer that he would keep his campaign positive and not run negative ads. However, in the past week, Latham has pulled his postive ads in favor of negative ads that attack Spencer.

Krusty Konservative: Election Day

Excerpted from this post at Krusty Konservative
... I thought I'd give you my thoughts on the important races across our state. I really think at the end of the day Republicans will kontrol either the Iowa House, Governors office, or maybe even both. I also think Republicans will kontinue to be represented by four Republican Congressmen, and we will have a Republican Secretary of Agriculture.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Radio Iowa blog: Decision time

Excerpted from this post at Radio Iowa blog
... here's my advice for those of you who haven't seen a debate, haven't met one of the candidates, and haven't a clue about how you're going to vote. Go to an "opinion leader" in your life, in your neighborhood, in your community. This could be a person you see tomorrow in church. It could be the person you're sitting beside at the high school play-off football game on Monday night. It could be a co-worker, or a life-long friend or the owner of the hardware store. Pick somebody whose opinion you respect (and who you suspect has been following the race) and ask them how they're going to vote and why.

Price of Politics: Honest Abraham

Excerpted from this post at Price of Politics
Apparently an honest Christian is what many of you want to see in our next Governor of Iowa. Sandy Madden emailed, "Honest and trustworthy. The kind of guy that you would want to sit down and have a cup of coffee and discuss current affairs. " Melody is looking for a Christian and she questions how you can be one if you engage in negative campaigning. ... 749 of you responded to our WHOTV.COM survey asking you to tell us the top quality our next state leader should have.
Here are the numbers:
-Honesty 20.6%
-Integrity 18.2%
-Is a Christian 13.6%
-Does what majority of Iowans want 8.5%
-Works well with everyone/every political party 8.3%
-Passionate about Iowa's future 8.1%
-Morality 7.1%
-Leads others effectively 5.5%
-Cares about people 5.5%
-Explains positions clearly 4.7%

Political Forecast: Iowa Legislative Dems with TV advantage

Excerpted from this post at Political Forecast
Thanks to Governor Tom Vilsack's forethought, Democratic candidates for the state house and senate will have quite the TV advantage up until election day. From Civic Skinny: "Democrats seem to have pulled a coup in final-week TV advertising. They say Des Moines and Cedar Rapids TV markets are sold out — except after midnight — and they say they got in with some final buys. As a result, they say, Democratic advertising for state legislative seats on TV in those two key markets will outpace Republican buys two-to-one. One reason: Gov. Vilsack several months ago hit up rich Democrats for money for a media fund that allowed the Democrats to buy early…." This would explain why McKinley Bailey, Susan Radke, Merle Johnson, Eric Palmer, Mark Davitt, Tim Hoy, and others are on the air so much. Good work, Gov. Vilsack.

Krusty Konservative: The Register Poll kouldn't be biased, kould it?

Excerpted from this post at Krusty Konservative
The Des Moines Register has come out with another poll. This time it shows Culver with a 9 point lead over Nussle. I'm not buying it. I find it interesting that all of the candidates the Register endorsed are now miraculously leading, yet they fail to release the sample sizes, which should make everyone question this poll.

Straight Out of the Cornfield: Thousands rally in Iowa City 4 Obama, Democrats

Excerpted from this post at Straight Out of the Cornfield
Some call Iowa City "a liberal oasis of the Midwest". I once called the town "the progressive palace in the prairie". If last night's Democratic Party rally was any indication, both monikers are appropriate. Thousands of University of Iowa students and Iowa City residents poured into the pedestrian mall in downtown Iowa City Sunday night to see Illinois Senator Barack Obama, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, Iowa governor Tom Vilsack, and gubernatorial candidate Chet Culver and congressional candidate David Loebsack.

JCR Blog: Crowd Comes for Obama, Walks Out on Culver

Excerpted from this post at JCR Blog
I wonder what advisor thought that Chet Culver could keep around the crowd who came to see Barack Obama. The Des Moines Register report on the rally downtown includes the following nuggets: Following Obama's speech, much of the crowd dispersed while Culver still
spoke. While some said they were attracted by Obama, people seemed to split as
to whether he was the only candidate drawing a crowd. ... I know of more than a few Republicans that were curious about seeing Obama and were considering holding their nose at being in the same place as Culver,Harkin, Loebsack, et. al.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Nussle & Flow: Nussle's Empire Strikes Back in Northwest Iowa

Excerpted from this post at Nussle & Flow

Just when Jim thought it was safe to jump head first into the political water and had safely distanced himself from his adoptive father, George W. Bush -- whose approval rating in Iowa has submerged below the 33rd percentile -- the Imperial Empire decided it was time to strike back in Northwest Iowa. Be prepared Le Marsians, the Death Star will be landing on Friday by a silo near you. For Christ's sake, Jim, was this the best you could do in the midnight hour? There has to be a better way to whip up your conservative base.

Century of the Common Iowan: Liberal Media Blasts Bush and Defends Kerry, Oh Wait

Excerpted from this post at Century of the Common Iowan

Here is a clip from CNN that blasts Bush and defends Kerry's remarks. The wingnuts, such as the Cornbelt Wacko Boys, might think this is just the so called Liberal media at work again, except that 2 pundits attacking Bush, the Iraq War, and defending Kerry are conservatives Christopher Hitchens and Andrew Sullivan. Both Hitchens and Sullivan were for the Iraq War at the beginning and were Republicans. Neither is true today. Here is Hitchens' take... ZAHN: Do you think they're (Cheney and Rumsfield) both doing a fantastic job, as the president said? HITCHENS: Well, the word fantastic relates to fantasy, doesn't it? I mean, to say that's something is fantastic or fabulous is to say that it's imaginary.

The South of Iowa: Denise's dead calves

Excerpted from this post at The South of Iowa

While combining beans today I heard on WHO-1040's Big Show about a statement made by Rep. Clell Baudler about a 1987 incident where Larry Harris, Denise O'Brien's husband, was convicted of Cruelty to Animals, a simple misdemenor. Here's a link to the statement made by Baudler and the complaint and check paid to Cass Co by Harris in 1987. I checked O'Brien's website, and at this point it does not have posted the statement made to the Big Show as an explanation about the incident. The statement claimed that while the steers were owned by Harris and O'Brien, they were being housed at another farm. Because a bridge was out between Harris' farm and the farm where steers were at, he hired another person to watch and take care of the calves for him. Supposedly, this hired person did not do his job and was subsequently fired by Harris. O'Brien was not available to help during the cattle starvation due to being involved in farm crisis politics.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Political Forecast: Ted Sporer tries to defend his indefensible statements about Michael J. Fox

Excerpted from this post at Political Forecast
... Sporer came out after several minutes and debated Drake Democrats President Patrick Rynard for about twenty minutes. ... You can listen to the end of the debate between Rynard and Sporer here (mp3 format) — it runs about 3 minutes long. I'd be interested in knowing if Sporer knows anyone with Parkinson's disease and the effects that their medications have on them and how often over- or under-taking happens. My grandfather has had Parkinson's for years now and I know just how hard it is to effectively regulate and control your medications. Ted Sporer wants to also here a fundamental argument and refutation of the claims in his post. He makes a lot of claims and assertions, most of them unfounded, so I don't know which to address. So, Mr. Sporer, since I wasn't able to make the protest today because of work, what do you want me to respond to? Let's make it easy for both you and me.

The Real Sporer: A few good Democrats................

Excerpted from this post at The Real Sporer
.........still exist and they are at Drake University. Around 4:00 today I stopped at RPI to find a gaggle of young lefties, bright eyed and bushy tailed, actually protesting, well, me. Seriously, signs that read things like "Sporer = Hate", "Sporer = Fake Morals", and some other equally loving statements were splattered on homemade posters all over East 9th Street by about 15 Drake Democrats. ... Well, not surprisingly, the kids didn't fair very well in the clash of wits, which isn't really saying a whole lot for me. After all, if a 47 year old trial lawyer, who coached debate for a hobby, and majored in philosophy before serving as three term county chairman in Iowa's most contentious political environment can't outwit adolescents, then he'd better find a whole new life, eh? ... There was none of that name calling and emotional bombast that the Baby Boom and older Gen X lefty types usually employ, as is well evidenced all over the Republican blogs. The kids actually wanted to argue the merits of stem cell research. While they are both misguided and mistaken, the young Donkeys exercised their First Amendment rights in way that would make Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton and Madison proud.

The Corn Beltway Boys: CBB Endorses Chet Culver For Governor

Excerpted from this post at The Corn Beltway Boys
If you are looking for intelligence, experience, leadership, knowledgeable staff, a clear vision for Iowa's future, less socialistic programs, lower taxes, improved education, realistic renewable fuel programs, affordable health care and just an overall better quality of life here in Iowa then the obvious choice is Jim Nussle. However, here in the blogging world we look for slightly different qualifications... Bumbling politicians like Chet Culver with zero public speaking skills don't come along everyday and it is important that we siege the "gold mine of opportunity" that lies within a vote for Culver. Hundreds of marginally funny comedians have made a career out of lampooning dim witted politicians; Bill Maher and Jay Leno quickly come to mind. And we here at the Corn Beltway Boys believe Chet Culver represents the satirical blogging mother-load and our chance at the God given right of 15 minutes of fame.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Iowa Voters: ALL Iowans Can Use Paper At Polls!!!

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voters
Any Iowa voter can use paper ballots at the polling place on November 7, even in counties that do not offer them to voters. That is according to Deputy Secretary of State Charlie Krogmeier. All polls have on hand some paper ballots in case there is a machine failure or for use as provisional ballots by citizens whose voter registration is in doubt. ANY VOTER can ask to use those paper ballots.

The Real Sporer: You know you've hit a Democrat when .......

Excerpted from this post at The Real Sporer
.......... they personally attack you. I arrived home tonight to learn that I have become something of a tempest in a teapot. It appears that both gubernatorial candidate Culver and Congressman Boswell have taken umbrage at my recent post about Michael J. Fox-still visible below. It's pretty obvious that the Democrats concede the factual accuracy of my assertions. Mr. Fox has now admitted that his symptoms appeared more severe becuase he was overmedicated, so it logically follows that both he and his producer knew that the commercials were not an accurate representation of his true position.

(Refers to press releases from the Iowa Democratic Party and U.S. Rep. Leonard Boswell)

Century of the Common Iowan: Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet...Vote Nussle

Excerpted from this post at Century of the Common Iowan
My Halloween costume this year was Jim Nussle trying to trick Iowans to vote for him.
And here's a little song to go with it.
"Trick or treat, smell my feet.
Vote for me, I'm a cheat.
If you don't, I won't be sad.
But W, Dick, and Karl will sure be mad!"
It was a greedy Republican named Nussle
Wearing a paper bag and a fancy sport coat
I said, "With those Washington ethics,
you'll never get my vote."

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