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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Straight Out of the Cornfield: Iowa uses attack dogs to torture prisoners

Excerpted from this post at Straight Out of the Cornfield

A report released today by Human Rights Watch titled "Cruel and Degrading: The Use of Dogs for Cell Extractions in U.S. Prisons," says the state of Iowa uses aggressive, unmuzzled dogs to intimidate, and even attack, prisoners who refuse to leave their cells. ... As of March of 2006, Iowa had fifteen canine teams (or fifteen dogs, each paired with a handler). Between March of 2005 and March of 2006, dogs were brought next to a cell 63 times for possible use in cell extractions. In 48 of these incidents, according to a prison official, the presence of the dog changed the prisoner's attitude so that force did not need to be used. In ten of the incidents, even though dogs were brought to the prisoner's cell, officers used other means of physical force to gain compliance from a prisoner. In five incidents, the dog was sent into the cell and bit the prisoner."

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